Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tilapia and Turbo Tax

What a day! I decided that since Elizabeth was home with a fever I would get a head start on my taxes. I got out all of my receipts from the entire 12 months of 2006. Not the fun old-fashioned kind of receipts that explain cookery but the dollars and cents 'which one goes into which category' kind. I sorted and sorted through stacks and piles all day long. I was going stir crazy in the early afternoon - since my sweetie has been home sick for three full days clocking temperatures that would heat up a chili pepper. With the blizzard outside for two days before I hadn't left the house since Tuesday. Now, it's Sunday and I Have to get outside. Sherwood hung in there with Bethie before he left for his blues jam up in Rockland; giving me time to scramble to the grocery store for my mini vacation. Travis has been a trooper throughout his sister's bout with this flu-thing, so, I brought him to the video store to rent a game for himself. Once at the market we picked up ingredients for his favorite BLT Caesar salad and some sweet looking Tilapia for the grown-ups. He will eat almost anything if we ask him. (One of his ultimate favoite foods is Unagi -barbequed eel- from Yosaku restaurant in Portland- How cool is that!) I knew we had fishsticks- another favorite for him- in the freezer. Elizabeth will almost always eat a quesidilla... and since we were all in lets-get-through-it-til-we're-all-healthy mode I figured we could all have something tasty without the usual "you've got to eat at least # more bites of vegetables" during dinner. We arrived home and Sherwood left to play, taking his favorite fretless bass along. I went back into the tunnel of taxes until he returned home, having had a wonderful time playing. His reputation preceeded him, and the guys at the Time Out Blues Pub got him up onstage before the frost was off his bass case.
When he got home I was so proud of him! He is an extraordinary player- though he would never admit it out loud. He always reverts into his Dad's voice- where the best possible compliment is: it was half-way decent. Anyway..... I think he is amazing!
The kids listened to Jazz on the cable/radio station while I got dinner ready. I was still in a bit of a turbo tax daze while I got the Tilapia into a pan. I coated it with Newman's SunDried Tomato salad dressing, fresh cracked black pepper, and the juice of 1/2 a lemon. I topped it with a crumble of matzoh crackers and popped it into the oven. Travis' salad and ours differed by the addition of bacon bits. Torn romaine lettuce, croutons, hydrated-sundried tomatoes (coarsely chopped) and caesar dressing were tossed together for a delightful, quick side. The Tilapia cooked in 15 minutes alongside Trav's fishsticks. The tartar sauce came out great,too. It's just 4 parts mayo, 1 part sweet relish and 1/2 part fresh squeezed lemon juice. I wanted to eat it with my finger out of the bowl. Thankfully, I had a loaf of wholegrain bread to slice for the temporary vehicle until the fish was done. After dinner I went back into the trenches with TurboTax and now that it's well after 11:30 I'm finally done. Taxes are best served alongside a delicious filet of Tilapia. It's all worth it in the end. It feels so good to be done. Sweet Dreams. I know I'll sleep well.

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