Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fresh Bread and Garlic Oil Post Blizzard

The snow stopped falling sometime before midnight after it's evoluton to freezing rain. When Ginger went out this morning she had to crunch through a good 2 inches of ice on the surface of about 8 inches of snow. I was in the mood for some fresh baked bread with garlic oil and pasta with sauce for dinner. I absolutely love the smell of baking bread. Sherwood made some fettucini and red sauce with mushrooms. We had some fresh broccoli and carrots as well. I popped a loaf of wholegrain bread in the oven and as it filled the house with aroma, Sherwood readied a bowl of garlic oil. The recipe for garlic oil is quite simple. for every 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil, mash up or mince or press 2 good sized cloves of fresh garlic. Pour the oil into a bowl, add the garlic and stir. If you are making this for friends and want them to be impressed and curious about how you got that much flavor into olive oil- heat it gently on the stove with a few peppercorns. This will infuse the oil with a peppery garlic flavor. Let it cool and remove the solids by pouring through a fine mesh strainer. Use the oil within a day or two. Another way to make it is just to stir the garlic and oil together. Let it sit for 15 minutes or so. Either way you make it- when you're ready to serve, pour a glistening puddle onto a bread plate or shallow bowl. Grind a few twists of black pepper on the top and sprinkle with coarse sea salt. Dip the edge of a crusty piece of bread into the oil and delight in its flavor. Delicious! I could eat only fresh (wholegrain) bread and garlic oil for an entire meal.
To top the meal off we all shared some dark chocolate m&m's. The little things in life sure make it great!

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