Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dancing Lindy Hop Rock Stars

Lindy Hop Teachers are Rock Stars in general. This is a commonly understood fact. Dancers around the world aspire to dance as they do...some day. Here's hoping the whole I-Love-to-Dance-more-than-just-about-anything phase will last pretty much forever. If you like to watch great dancers- here's a peek into a fantastic Frankie Manning celebratory performance. It features some of my favorite rock stars. If you'd like to read more about Lindy Hop check out this blog by Rebecca Brightly- she's sharp, witty and to the point. I like her. We met on the way home from Lindy Focus a couple of weeks ago. She and her husband Paul were flying back to Charlotte with several other dancers, all weary but smiling. Remember to get up out of that chair, turn the music up and dance! Here's one for the road!

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