Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oyster Creek Mushroom Company- Wild Mushroom Dip

Dan and Candice Heydon own and run Oyster Creek Mushroom co. in Damariscotta, Maine. They are certainly the purveyors of the most extensive wild mushroom selection in the region. Fortunately they attend many of the farmer's markets so we can all enjoy fresh and dried mushrooms as often as possible. Oyster Creek sells online so you too can create delicious dishes with wild Maine mushrooms. This recipe is from their website and is absolutely delicious!
Oyster Creek Wild Mushroom Dip
8 oz. cream cheese
3/4 oz. Maine Wild Mix {dried mushrooms}
2 - 3 cloves roasted garlic
parsley and or chives (chopped)
salt & pepper to taste
Reconstitute dried mushrooms in 2 cups hot water for 30 minutes. Drain, saving the soaking liquid. Rinse mushrooms with cold water, then press with a paper towel to remove excess liquid. Chop the mushrooms fine, saute in very little olive oil a few minutes. Add soaking liquid to mushrooms being careful not to use any sediment at the bottom (sometimes wild mushrooms can be gritty). Simmer slowly, stirring occasionally until liquid is gone but mixture is still moist. Remove mushrooms to a bowl to cool. Add mashed, roasted garlic, softened cream cheese, herbs, salt, and pepper. Refrigerate before serving. This can also be used as a sauce over pasta by thinning the dip with a little yogurt or cream, and heating it up a little.

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