Thursday, June 14, 2007

FARMS- Steps to create a Harvest Lunch

For those of you in the education and culinary fields we are helping to promote FARMS- Focus on Agriculture in Rural Maine Schools. I will be posting recipes and ideas here for your own town or school to freely implement as you can. Our local farmers are an incredible asset- environmentally, economically and educationally- not to mention culinarily. Below please find an outline from Amy Winston and FARMS.

FARMS Harvest Lunch
4 Essential Steps

1. Build relationships with food service personnel

2. Plan Menu

3. Engage volunteers

4. Publicity

FARMS Harvest Lunch How-To (Strategies-Activities):

1. Form a Farm to School Committee
A. Set a monthly meeting time
B. Build relationships
2. Plan Menu
A. Decide on menu
B. Calculate amount of food/Cost
C. Decide on farms/farmer’s market
D. Schedule pick up and delivery of food
3. Engage Volunteers
A. Schedule volunteers for prepping
food/set up/clean up
4. Publicity
A. Write press release
B. Newsletter/send flyers home
C. Circulate posters
5. Education
A. Classroom connections
Nutrition curriculum
What is Local?
The True Cost of Food(older students)
Generate fact sheets on tables in cafeteria
Poster contest
Promote healthy community
Promote sustainable agriculture
Support local
Raise awareness
6. Farmers
A. Build relationships with farmers
B. Field trips to farms
C. Bring farmers to classrooms and cafeteria
D. Student Garden Project supported by local

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