Friday, February 1, 2013

Hot Lemon Ginger Tea to Soothe an Aching You

This has certainly been the season for the flu. Most every family I know has had quite the battle with these hearty germs. They just keep hanging on. One way to send them packing is this hot lovely tea. It soothes your throat and makes your whole self feel a little bit better. It includes some whiskey or rum- but that is entirely optional. It is unbelievably delicious with or without. I used some Three Crow Rum from Sweetgrass Farm Winery and Distillery up in Union. Delicious. My friend Liz gave me a mug made by her mother Anne Hedgecock- a potter in Boothbay- I think that made my tea even better. This beautiful banner is a link to Sweetgrass Farm's wonderful offerings.

Throat Soother-Flu Battling Tea
This is the most wonderful thing to have at night before bed when you’re feeling sick. The ingredients work magically together to help soothe a cough and settle your tummy. You can omit the alcohol if you’d prefer- it is just as good without. The whiskey is added because it acts to kill some of the itty bitty beasties that keep your throat aching.
Makes one serving.
Into a large mug place:
Juice of one lemon
1 heaping Tablespoon finely diced fresh ginger root
1 Tablespoon raw honey – it looks creamy in the jar
a pinch of cayenne pepper
1 oz whiskey or rum (or vodka if you don’t like the taste of either of the others)-- Optional
Fill the remaining space in your mug with very hot or boiling water.
Stir gently until the honey has dissolved. Drink Tea as warm as you can manage.
I hope you feel better!

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