Saturday, December 1, 2007

Local Maine for the Holidays

I just received an email reminding me of the benefits we all can enjoy by focusing on local Maine ingredients. Here is an excerpt:
By giving a gift of Maine food and agricultural products, whether to a loved-one or yourself, you’re not only doing something nice for that person, but also for the Maine economy. Maine farmers capture only 4% of the nearly $3 billion Mainers spend on food each year. It has been estimated that if Maine families were to spend even just $10 a week on Maine agricultural products, it would add up to an additional $100 million staying in the Maine economy. That’s one New Year’s resolution that we all can afford to keep.

Thanks for sharing this Maine-grown gift list with your readers, listeners, and viewers.

Deanne Herman
Marketing Manager
Maine Department of Agriculture
28 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333

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